About Admar

BMCP first roots where formed in 1999 by three partners, the late Jeff Moris, Khaled Saifullah and Admar van der Heijden. The three developed A revolutionary Virtual Mega Factory concept, which became the VMF Protocol


In 2006 Co-Founder Guus Pijnenburg financed the Early Stage of the Company and the further development of the VMF Protocol. In 2008 two Bonds where Issued to financing the Pre-IPO Stage. The VMF Concept was tested on Reclam Madrid 2009 and resulted in an order portfolio over USD 400 Million, an overwhelming success!

This success demanded a new financing, which only was possible by a conversion with 100% consent, which was blocked by a minority group of shareholders through a hostile take over attempt. The CEO filled for Chapter 11, to block the take over.


Admar Van Der Heijden, established a new company backed up by the Co-founder Guus Pijnenburg and a group of Lawel Investors, aswell as the complete Management Team, and Vendors. He then purchased the key components from the old company back. During a period of 9 Years, a complete new improved business plan was developed, and a complete new structure (BMCP) resulting in an USD 21.4 Billion planned Public Coin and Share Offerings. (Watch VMF Protocol Pre-ICO Video), (Read Pre-ICO Whitepaper).


BMCP Management are all individual specialist in their field, reach from 15 – 42 years of Experience. BMCP is incorporated under the law of the British Virgin Islands, and having it’s Head Office is in Dubai.


Admar van der Heijden did Extended Research, Specialised in Finance, Public Offerings, Derivatives, Peak Oil, Chemtrails, NWO, New Money System, Intercepting Biggest Transfer of Wealth. etc. etc